Friday, February 22, 2013

Teething, Rolling, Sitting, and Crawling

This has been a very eventful couple of weeks in our household.  Lydia is changing so rapidly that Austin and I have a hard time keeping up with her.  This past Monday her second pearly nugget of a tooth finally popped through and ended the teething misery that we've all been enduring for what seems like forever.  In the absence of the runny nose and sleepless nights, Lydia (and I) have been thriving.  Her latest accomplishments include rolling around the apartment, sitting all by herself, and the big one...CRAWLING!!!  I'll be honest, this new development kinda scares me a little.  It is time to baby  proof like crazy.  Lydia is very proud of herself and enjoys being able to maneuver her way through our apartment.  She is a little explorer and is always after water bottles, cellphones, and tags.

Lydia is our social bug and loves being around people as much as possible.  I was very nervous trying out the daycare at the gym, but she immediately started smiling, babbling, and making friends as soon as I brought her in.  She hardly noticed my absence and the daycare manager didn't want me to take her home when I came to get her!  With my new calling in the nursery, Lydia enjoys spending time observing the older kids.  Her wide curious eyes reveal that she's trying so hard to make sense of everyone and everything around her.  As long as we're out and about, surrounded by people, and things are happening, Lydia is a very happy little baby.

It's so exciting to see how much Lydia's personality is developing as she continues to grow and learn.  I didn't expect this all to happen so fast!  Seeing her grow up is so much fun, but a part of me wishes that she could remain my sweet little baby forever.

Come on Lydia, you can do it!
Gerber Baby

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