Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lydia's First Christmas!

I had never been so excited for Christmas than I was this year knowing that I'd get to share it with my own sweet baby! For some reason, Christmas feels different when you are a parent.  All of a sudden you are way more concerned about making the season special for your child than you are about counting the presents with your name on them under the tree.  It is a magical time of the year when the world lights up - and boy does Lydia love looking at the lights!  The sparkling ornaments on the tree, the soothing Christmas tunes, and the special family traditions took on a whole new meaning when I got to share them with Lydia.

  This year we spent Christmas with Austin's family.  Lydia's Grandma and Grandpa Burdge felt like they were in heaven having their entire family together with their new precious granddaughter.  The Burdge family has many special Christmas traditions, which were a lot of fun to be a part of!  Every evening during December, the entire family would gather together to read a Christmas story and scripture, sing a carol, say a prayer, do the advent calandars, and grab a piece of candy from the train moving beneath the tree.  Even the puppy Zoey would run around with the train and snatch her doggy treat when it was time.  I couldn't tell if Lydia was more entranced by the train or the puppy. 

8492536-christmas-tree-design-featuring-abstract-swirls-shaped-like-a-christmas-tree.jpg (JPEG Image, 867 × 1200 pixels) - Scaled (25%)

 On Christmas Eve, the Burdge family had the sister missionaries over along with Joni's parents, Uncle Scott, and Aunt Sarah's family for a special clam chowder dinner.  After relaxing and eating this delectable meal, the family gathered around the piano to sing almost every Christmas song we could think of.  Afterward, the family went driving around the neighborhood to view all of the beautiful Christmas lights.  This adventure ended in a cacophony of Christmas carols that we utterly ruined by purposefully making them as offensive to the ears as possible.  I never thought that sounding horrible could be so much fun!

Christmas day was even more eventful.  The Burdges take hours upon hours to open their presents - which just prolongs the fun!  They had a wonderful Christmas breakfast complete with a Swedish tea ring, and then everyone went to Joni's parent's house where the Matthews all gathered and opened MORE presents.  I never thought I would see the day when I'd be relieved when there were no more presents to open!  After enjoying some more good food and company, Christmas was coming to a close.  Lydia was so tired by the end that she fell asleep on the car ride home.

Lydia is so good at making new friends

Feeling a little giddy when Soren touched her hand

Don't you just want to squeeze those chunky cheeks?

Teething... it's a lot harder than I remember!

Joni's friend at the gym gave Lydia this darling outfit.

We went to see the festival of lights parade. It was cold, but worth it!

Playing the Great Dalmouti. Guess who's the lesser peon?

All ready for Santa to come!!!

Christmas morning and unwrapping presents!

She thought the paper was such a thoughtful gift :)

Santa brought Lydia a new Baby Einstein exersaucer!

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