Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Teeth and Time for Solids!

The video does a pretty good job at depicting Lydia's initial response to solids. I really can't blame her since the 'healthy and organic' veggie puffs that I gave her really do smell like fish food. My bad! Despite her grimace and obvious dislike for the flavor and texture of her new snack, she still manages to swallow. What a trooper!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hokie Pokie Elmo

Aunt Aubrey gave Lydia a special toy for Christmas this year. As fun as her hokie pokie Elmo is, Austin and I are afraid that Lydia likes it a little too much. She's already figured out how to turn it on all by herself, a discovery that we're not terribly excited about. The darling neighbor girls love Elmo and dance with him, which makes Lydia laugh. Super cute - but a person can only handle so much Elmo in one day. I let Lydia play with him for about 10 minutes a day and then I tuck him away in a place where she won't find him. We'll see how long this ingenious solution lasts. She gets more mobile and determined every day!